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Data Protector Basic 5.0 and Win 2k8 AD & SQL backup problem

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Data Protector Basic 5.0 and Win 2k8 AD & SQL backup problem



Recently I discovered to my greatest surprise that our current single server editions of Data Protector Express/Basic 5.0 do NOT backup Active Directory 2008 partitions.


All DPX software is running on Windows 2008 x86 (2 domain controllers, upgraded from win 2k3 a few months ago) and one more on Windows 2008 R2 x64 (new primary DC now). None of those servers has Active Directory partition backed up (having warnings about it in AD event logs now, that's how I know).


I manually double checked and in fact System State backup on all DPX instances includes only File Replication, but it doesn't mention anything like AD database.


On top of that we migrated SQL Express 2005 instances from older w2k8 servers to newer/stronger w2k8 R2 (running SQL Express 2008 R2) and again to my surprise I have now no options to backup those SQL instances in DPX 5.0...


can anybody point me out to answers on how to fix it?


Do we need to upgrade to DPX 6.0? all servers have tapedrives, so single edition DPX is fine for us, but I need it to backup all system and database files... what a bummer ...


Thanks in advance for opinions and answers!

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Re: Data Protector Basic 5.0 and Win 2k8 AD & SQL backup problem

Hi Jakub,


HP Data protector express Single server edition\basic would not be able to backup SQL or Exchange databases. It is only for the plain file system backup. If you need to backup SQL database, you will need to upgrade them from basic to full edition



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