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Data Protector Expess SSE crashing

New Member

Data Protector Expess SSE crashing

Hello all, I have just updated a windows server 2003 machine to sp2 with all additional critical updates and now Data Protector Express 3.10-sp2 is crashing on faulting module qt-mt332.dll which appears to be the GUI.

I have also tried "change" under add/remove programs which also crashes on the same .dll

When trying to upgrade DPE to version 3.5 sp2 it then crashes under faulting module qt-mt336.dll

I am afraid if I tried to uninstall DPEsse that it would also require the GUI to be loaded and thus would crash again.

I have googled and searched the web all day but I appear to be alone with this issue. Any help or advice would be appreciated.