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Data protector express 4 ERROR 18

New Member

Data protector express 4 ERROR 18

Keep getting "Error 18: Error reading file", during a job and the job fail every time after reading different number of GB.

Service is running with account that has full permissions.

Any ideas?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Data protector express 4 ERROR 18




You have not specified if this happens when the backup job is running or the restore job.


If it is in a backup job:

-- this is a warning more than the error and this mostly comes when the file you are trying to backup is open or in use. This warning can be seen next to every file that was not backed up or skipped. Normally every backup application will have a treshold level for the number of files that can be skipped in a backup job and when that number exceeds the treshold limit, the job will fail.

To fix this You can check the reason for the file in use and try to keep them closed or run the backup job when atleast majority of those files are closed.


If it is In Restore job:

-- there is a possibility that the file name you want to read is not available in the DPX database and so when it attempts to read it from the database, a read error occurs.


This is possible if the DPX catalog  database is corrupt and this can be fixed by manually repairing the database

If the database is fine, load the media into the tape drive which has this data, import the media first and then restore the files


This should help.. Please keep us informed









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