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Data Protector Express 4

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Data Protector Express 4

Hi Guy,


I have this problem, my Incre backup is working fine but Full backup fail.


After knowing its a total backup size is over the tape size.

Question is:

How do i let the backup job to contiunes backup to the 2nd tape.

I cant find any groups to assign tape into it...


Error i receive: 1040, No device specified or all devices are now offline...


Please advise....



Trusted Contributor

Re: Data Protector Express 4



You can do the same in following steps:


1. in the jobs & Media tab --> admin -- create a folder and name it as a media pool for your refference

2. When you insert a new media, first format the media, in the format job in " folder where the new media will be placed" you can give the path to the abopve media pool folder. You can repeat the same for all the media for the first time

3. Now from your backup job, in the media section, select this "Media pool " folder so the application will pick up the available media from there.

4. in the backup job properties -- configuration --> modes --> write mode = over write all media can be selected.


this should help in addressing the issue.


hope this helps...





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