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Data Protector Express - can't read some restored files

Occasional Contributor

Data Protector Express - can't read some restored files

I have recently had to restore data on one of our servers (a dl380) but some of the files I restored say "the file cannot be accessed by the system" when you try and access them, for example, a copy. Also when I look at the properties of the file there is no security or summery tab.

The logs for the backup, verify and the restore do not show any problems or suggest in any way that anything has gone wrong.

I have tried using older backups for some of the problematic files with the same results.

when I tried restoring the files with some of the advanced options unticked (see attachement for screenshot) I can open the files but their contents are blank.

I am running Data Protector Express version 3.5 sp2

Does anyone know why this might happen or how to stop it?