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Data Protector Express - Error 4031

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Data Protector Express - Error 4031


We are using DPE to back up to a 1/2 G2 Autoloader with a 920 drive. Over the last few months, we started getting the following entry in our job log:

Daily Set 3:1 Error 4031: Unit attention

The actual media varies of course. Typically the Backup pass completes, but the Auto Verify pass will only complete to 30% - 70%. An earlier post suggested enabling the Auto Retention option. I've done that but the errors persist.

Any ideas what is causing this, or how to fix it?

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Re: Data Protector Express - Error 4031

Test the hardware first. Perfom a LTO drive assesment test if it passes then it means that hardware is ok so the problem could be the media.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: Data Protector Express - Error 4031

Error 4031 is desribed as "Device status has changed. This happens when the device is powered up, reset or had media changed. This is normal operation and ordinarily this error is not reported. In the event this error is reported, retry the operation and the condition should clear automatically."

Similar to earlier answer, the recommendation is to check to the latest firmware and drivers are applied to the autoloader. The autoloader may need cleaning or the media be worn.