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Data Protector Express error

New Member

Data Protector Express error


We're having trouble with Data Protector Express.

Whenever we need to edit a job (to change the date a backup is ran for example), I go to the job's properties but cannot see the "Schedule" option in order to midify the date. In fact when I enter the job's properties they appear as "read only" and I can't change them, although I log on as Admin user (full rights).
And sometimes some error pop-ups appear, as you can see on the image attached.

Do you think we should reinstall the application? In that case, how can I "save" the jobs in order not to create them again and be able to continue using the same jobs (on the same tapes) we are running daily? Is there a way to "export" the jobs and/or catalogs in order to "import" them once we have the application reainstalled? We need to continue using the same LTO tapes that the current jobs are using today.

Thank you very much.