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Data Protector Express Help

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Data Protector Express Help


i'm using Data Protector Express to perform a simple BU, i need to backup a full HDD into a LTO tape, delete the files from the HDD, and about six month later to restore the files into the HDD.

iv'e open a Restore specfic job, and without not many problems, backuped up the files that i needed.

my problems start when i want to restore those files. when i open the Media Content wizard, it shows like i have nothing on the LTO media.
but when i open the Restore wizrad, i choose the folder that i want to restore using the Select Files window and start the Restore with no problems. any idea why?

secondly, when i open the Restore Specific Wizard and i want to choose the folders that i want to restore, the DPE shows me all the folders that i use to have an drive E: (from several HDD and several BU jobs), is there any way i can tell the software to show me only folders from a specific Media? or even to show all the folders but to mention which folder realte to which media?

without solving those problmes, i must remember the name of the folders that i have backed up and then restore those folders manually.

all i realy want is to locate a specfic media and to tell the software to restore all the files that are on that media to a new HDD. what is the best way to do it?

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Re: Data Protector Express Help

Hi Dori

1. When you choose Media content it takes some time for the software to display the information. Be patient and you will see all information.

2. On the restore properties you can filter and restore only files on an specific media by clicking on "Filters", also you can see what files belong to which media if you click on the file first and then on "Versions" I attached a picture.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: Data Protector Express Help

Hi Dori,

I have seen your post and I have a similar problem. I would like to view the content of my Media after I backup data. Is it possible to do so following a Backup Specific job

Thanks in advance,
Andre Bombardier