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Data Protector Express problem

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Data Protector Express problem

I have a customer who used to run DP Express 3.5 and has recently installed 4.0. Three weeks after installation they encountered Error 1400 - Wrong media. It turns out that they recycle their media every 3 weeks. We checked all the settings, but could not find any difference since they ran v3.5 (with no errors). They do not use retention. We deleted the catalog files and they could do their backups. But 3 weeks later we encountered Error 1400 again.
I understand that DP is protecting the data on the tape, but how do we fix the problem?
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Re: Data Protector Express problem

This tapes that fail with error 1400 are already formatted therefor they are asigned for an especific task and placed under a rotation folder or job that is different from the one where your backup looks for media. Anyway just erase this media and it will work.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles