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Data Protector Express Single Server

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Data Protector Express Single Server

Using software with HP DAT72 DDS Tape Drive. I want to insert a tape in the drive and see it's name prior to backups. Is this possible?
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Re: Data Protector Express Single Server

Like most things with software, the answer is "that depends." In this case it depends on how you want to do it.

If you would like to manually see what the label on a tape is, simpley insert the tape into the drive and then go to the "Devices" screen. If you click on the device you should see what thename of the tape is.

Data Protector Express already does a check to make sure the tape is either blank or the tape called for in the job properties and will wait until the correct tape is present before continuing.

If you want to do something else then it becomes a bit more difficult.

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Re: Data Protector Express Single Server


Is all jobs are created?or maybe ur software configurations is done?