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Data Protector Express SSE 3.5sp2 Issue

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Data Protector Express SSE 3.5sp2 Issue

Okay we run this application every day to backup one of our servers. Runs perfectly, however several weeks back we added a new USB 2.0 1TB drive for other projects.

During the course of the project, we remove and attach each day.

Now within DPE, I have 5 jobs already created, with directories marked. The DPE service is running, and the scheduled backup runs at 7pm each night.

The problem that has appeared is whenever you attach the new USB drive, for whatever reason, the 5 jobs all of a sudden now have Drive H included. So during the night's backup, it fails because it runs out of space.

How do I disable this "awareness" within DPE. I don't want to backup anything more then the directories I've already flagged within the jobs. Is this something that upgrading to 4.0 will fix or will I have this problem on that as well?
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Re: Data Protector Express SSE 3.5sp2 Issue

If you select file Systems to be backup then everything attacth to the PC will be back up so go ahead and open your job properties, deselect file Systems and manually select the C drive only or what you need to be backup up. See attachtment

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles