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data protector restore question

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data protector restore question

Hi I'm a new user of DPE (single server edition) which I'm using in conjunction with an ultrium 960 drive. I can back up files ok, but now I'm trying to do a restore in a way that I thought was simple but can't figure out how to do it.
Basically I have backed up a load of files from an external disk drive to tape. I have sent the disk drive away. I now want to restore some of the files to a different location. How do I do this?

So far all I've been able to do is restore all the files to the original location, so i'm obviously missing something. would appreciate it if someone could provide a step-by-step for me.
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Re: data protector restore question

It's actually quite easy to restore to another location once you know how. Unfortunately the documentation is terrible. If you search the help files or the docs for the term "Move" you'll find the instructions. But even then they are missing some things. The instructions say:

"To restore a file to a different folder, right-click the file name on the Selection page of the restore job and select Move from the shortcut menu."

That's not a lot of help because it never tells you where you are to do this or where the Move icon is.

Here's a better way.

1. Use the restore wizzard to create a restore job.
2. After selecting the files to be restored and BEFORE clicking next, click on the "Move" icon. It is on the menu bar just above the file selections and looks like a paper on a clipboard. I have attached a screenshot to help you find it.
3. Follow the wizzard to select where you want to restore the file(s).
4. Follow out the rest of the wizzard and run the job.

Hope that helps.

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Re: data protector restore question

that's really helpful, thank you. I have to admit I was struggling with the manual, it's full of jargon, and the UI's not particularly intuitive, but I get it now.