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Data Protextor Exp. Backup Strategy Advice

Occasional Contributor

Data Protextor Exp. Backup Strategy Advice


I'm responsible for the backups in a small non-it company, but I don't have much experience with it.

I'm using data protector express single server edition and a hp external usb tape drive.

The amount of data to be backed up is relatively small: around 10gig of data on a separat partition plus the win2003 server system.

I thought about the following strategy:

Every Monday, I make a disaster recovery backup, every following day of the week an incermental backup onto the same tape. I have 25 tapes, of which I'll use 20 for a rotation in a 20 week cycle, the rest will be for archives.

The advantage of that is that the tape needs to be changed only once a week (I'm on site only once a week).

What do you think about that, and more importantly how do I implement that with data protector express? Especially the media selection is not clear to me...

Any hints and advices would be very apprechiated!


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Re: Data Protextor Exp. Backup Strategy Advice

Hi Alex,

The strategy you describe or something similar to it is a very popular backup strategy when the data to be backed up is relatively small and there is little daily change.

Unfortunately, Data Protector Express SSE does not have a rotation method to do this. There are some work-around schemes discribed elsewhere in this forum.

Dave Lancaster