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Data Recovery to a reinstalled Server 2003 system

New Member

Data Recovery to a reinstalled Server 2003 system

Hi here,
I have a Proliant Ml115 G5 server running Windows Server (Small Business) 2003 with a Dat 72 USB tape drive in it. I believe the server was running Data Protector SSE.
I have recently taken over managment of this server and unfortunatly the server suffered a hard drive failure a few days ago. (both parts of the mirror).

I've completly rebuilt the server and have recovered a good deal of the data from other sources.

However there are a few bits of data I need from the backup tapes that we have.

I have installed Data Protector SSE but have no idea how to use it. How do I go about doing a restore of just individual files or folder (not the entire system state)

I can't seem to find a guide