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Database size control DPExpress 3.10 SP4

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Database size control DPExpress 3.10 SP4


We use Data Protector Express 3.10 SP4.

I'm currently in some major restores and I notice that with each restore my database / catalog becomes larger.

This is becoming a problem with my available disksize. I now have a database size (a lot of .dat files) from almost 30Gb.

I have two questions;

1.)How can I make my database smaller, without losing configuration and catalog of my tapes, so I can continue restoring?

2.)How do I replace my database to another (SAN) disk?

Please advise!!
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Re: Database size control DPExpress 3.10 SP4

Everytime you run a job of any type everything about that job gets recorded in the catalog. The catalog is generally self-repairing and will maintain the smallest size possible.

Because of the issue you are seeing we generally do not recommend installing on the c:\ drive of Windows machines. You can move the catalog to a different location. I have attached the instructions.