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DataProtector 3.5 SP2 issues [5] on rotation scheduling

Occasional Advisor

DataProtector 3.5 SP2 issues [5] on rotation scheduling

I have discovered some issues with DP 3.5-SP2 SSE
Should be very glad if someone helps

1. There are 'schedules', but unlike a system one, the machine is not turned on. Is there is something missed in my setup, or do i need setting a system schedule job at my own, a "dummy" one?

2. The job is not started without a DP GUI being loaded in memory. Isn't really large, but... Do i need having the Software always sitting in tray (no minimize option), regardless both of services (dpwinsvc.exe + dpwinsdr.exe) being running in background?.

Surprisingly, just noticed that a Data Protector Service seems to be downed by GUI on its start.
Do i need checking that a dpwinsdr.exe is being always turned ON to retain an ACPI support, or (important)! there there is no ACPI support at all?

And, especially. Which is the EXACT role of each of these mysterious services? (dpwinsvc.exe and dpwinsdr.exe)

3. I was unable to shut my system safely down without any 'tricks'. The catalog always seems to be broken on system logon (event #7022, "Service hang-up"). Even a DP service being explicitly stopped didn't help. The volume, in fact, is clean

4. Sometimes on a broken cat (see pt. 3) dpwinsvc.exe (a recommended recovery procedure, see manual) cannot be stopped by "net stop" command, causing me to restart the system.
What is wrong?

5. Hardware compression sometimes is occasionly overriden (OFF) on Media swapping &/| incremental backup, regardless is explicitly enabled in Job ("Properties" -> "Encryption / Compression"). I have treated it as an OBDR issue but sure, it's not.

Thank you in advance
Occasional Advisor

Re: DataProtector 3.5 SP2 issues [5] on rotation scheduling

Correction -
not "net stop", dpwinsvc -x instead