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DDS-3 SCSI bus error or drive?

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DDS-3 SCSI bus error or drive?

Here's what I'm using:
Tape Drive - C6365-60002/C6365-69002 - 12/24GB Single Ended SCSI-2 DDS-3

Cable - C2362A - 68 Pin Very High Density to 68 Pin High Density - 2.5m

Terminator - A1658-62070 - Wide Single Ended SCSI

I've got the cable connected to the VHD port on an L-Class Core/IO card. We had the setup working previously, but now it's not working at all, not found by HP-UX, or SAM. I don't get the LED on the Core I/O card lit up which may tell me the SCSI bus is not working 100%?? We had HP come in and replace a tape drive, and that still didn't solve the problem. I'm wondering if someone could help me out. Is the SCSI LED Terminator usually supposed to light up? I tried differnt SCSI ID's as well, with nothing.

Aside from all this, we currently have a DAT72 external drive hooked up and it seems to be working fine, the LED on the Core I/O card is lit up, as well as the SCSI terminator LED (which is different than the one for the previous setup)

Any suggestions?
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Re: DDS-3 SCSI bus error or drive?

Hi Mike,

Sounds like a fault with the drive itself if you have another drive working on the same server/card/cable.

Not familiar with HP-UX at all I'm afraid, but I'd try updating the FW of the drive using HP's Library and Tapetools.
See if that makes a difference.


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Re: DDS-3 SCSI bus error or drive?

If the upper scsi led is off. the controller is in single ended mode (for your dds3), if led is on, it is in lvd mode (for dat72) - so status is ok. Maybe it is similar for the terminator.

Hope this helps!

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