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DDS3 autoloader problem


DDS3 autoloader problem

Good afternoon,
We had to power off a DDS3 autoloader type HP C1557A.
After power on the ioscan gives this output:
# ioscan -fn
target 0 0/0/1/0.2 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
tape 0 0/0/1/0.2.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP C1557A
/dev/rmt/c0t2d0BEST /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTn /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDS /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSn
/dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTnb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSb /dev/rmt/c0t2d0DDSnb
autoch 0 0/0/1/0.2.1 schgr CLAIMED DEVICE HP C1557A

All seemed ok. But now , I can not eject the magazine or select any tape to load into the tape drive.
Note that the self test was ok. All tapes in the slots (6) were detected. So I do not understand why the select button does not work anymore nor the eject button. I had to force eject to get the magazine out.

Thanks for your help.