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Disable FC Port on LTO4 drives

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Disable FC Port on LTO4 drives

Hello @,


To sumarize , we have a Library ESL E-322 with 8 LTO3 drives and 8 LTO4 drives. The LTO4 drives are attached directly to our SAN Switch ( 2 fabrics, 4 drives per fabric ).


On each LTO4 drives there are 2 FC ports, but only one of the ports is connected to the SAN Switch, which mean that one FC Port is not connected to anything.


Using CVTL, we can see clearly that a port is used and we are getting a Warning on the other port because nothing is connected.


My problem is that I'm not able to set the ACG and ACL from the SecurePath Manager on th CVTL because I'm getting the error stating that one path of the drives is not available so the Secure Manager feature is disabled.


So my question is , does anyone know if there is any way to disable the unused port so I'm not getting the error anymore so I could be able to manage the ACG and ACL ?


Thanks in advance for your answers.





Re: Disable FC Port on LTO4 drives

Hello David,


it is possible that the cable is connected to Port B of the drive. Please check and ensure that all drives are connected to the fabric using Port A.


If you could upload the support ticket of the library we could check if there is something wrong with the library. Please remember that the support ticket should contain IM, IFC, Picker and drives.



Rajat Bhargava

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Re: Disable FC Port on LTO4 drives


The drive does not have to have the fibre channel port b to be disabled to to map hosts and be functional.

All drives need a valid network connect from the library to the LTO 4 or 5 drives to be able to do mapping.

Can you look in the status tab then health summary and see if secure manager is having issues seeing one of the drives.

If secure Manger is red it should tell you which serial number(s) are having issues.

Then you can look under the drive status and figure out which drive serial number(s) belongs to each drive.

Most likely it is a bad network connection and you could try replacing or making sure the cable is plugged in all the way.

Good Luck