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Disaster Recovery Issues "Error loading Operating System"

Occasional Contributor

Disaster Recovery Issues "Error loading Operating System"

We've been experimenting with the Disaster Recovery options of DP 6.10. The easiest DR option we're thinking of is EASR which allows us to create a bootable CD with all the neccessary kit to recover the system.


So far the whole excercise has been a nightmare and nothing seems to work as it's supposed to work. After the first reboot (so after the Mini OS has been deployed on the new system) the only message we have been receiving is "Error Loading Operating System" after which the systems comes to a beautiful halt. We have even rented a second server (HP DL360G5) to get this working but no luck.


Anybody around with experience in this area? Any patches that I've missed? I would really like to get this working, so all help is welcome.


Does anyone actually uses the DR options and/or has succesfully tested them? I'm very interested sharing experiences.