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DL360 G6 cannot detect Ultrium 1760 SAS

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DL360 G6 cannot detect Ultrium 1760 SAS



We've just purchased a refurbished DL360 G6 along with a HP Storageworks Ultrium 1760 SAS lto4.


I installed Server 2003 through Smart Start. When I log on and navigate to the Array Config Utility I can see the p410i and p411 RAID controllers.


When I attach the tape to drive to either port of the p411 controller nothing appears in device manager.


We have another DL360 G6 which has the same RAID controller installed, but has a Ultrium 920SAS lto3 attached.


When I attach the 920SAS drive to our new server, the drive is detected. Using the old sas cable with the new server and tape drive, no drive is detected. If I attach the new tape drive to the old server with either cable, the device is detected.


Any advice as to what the issue is would be appreciated. Could it be a dodgy RAID card, although our other tape drive works fine with the server??






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Re: DL360 G6 cannot detect Ultrium 1760 SAS

Have both controllers the same (latest) firmware?

Same connector port used?

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL360 G6 cannot detect Ultrium 1760 SAS

Thanks Torsten. Firmware was indeed the issue