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DLT-7000, how to auto re-load?

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DLT-7000, how to auto re-load?

Hi all,

Is there a command/program to automatically re-load a tape in a DLT-7000 on an HP 3000 running MPE 5.5?  With a DDS drive, I used to run a program that would re-load the tape so that after a full backup, I could reload the tape automatically and restore our databases to our test environment without having to physically eject and reload it. Is there anything similar out there for the DLT?  Thanks in advance.


Re: DLT-7000, how to auto re-load?



DLT 7000 is nothing but a DLT 35/70 Drive. Are we talking about an autoloader type or a standalone model ?


If Autoloader, the load and unload will be taken care by the backup application. If you are performing a manual backup, then there are no commands for loading and unloading. It use to be there for all DDS drives. But not for DLT.


If Standalone, Unload is possible VIA backup application. But loading cannot be driven by a command.


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