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DLT External Tape Drive


DLT External Tape Drive

Hello, Could you please tell me what kind of DLT external drive I have to buy, because I am using HP DLT IV data cartridge 80 GB

What is the meaning of C5141F?
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Re: DLT External Tape Drive

C5141F is the product number for the HP DLT-4 Cartridge 40GB/80GB.

Do you really want to buy a DLT drive???

This is old technology already. Think about an ultrium!
(not compatible to DLT, but faster and more reliable)

Hope this helps!

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Re: DLT External Tape Drive

I believe that the best drive for a DLT IV
tape is one of the DLT8000 series. (A 7000
will do only 35MB on a DLT IV tape, and lower
numbers will not do DLT IV.) For example:

> [...] please be sure to check your SCSI
> interface before buying [...]

Good advice.

> What is the meaning of C5141F?

What, has Google gone out of business?
Seems to be working for me:

It's a DLT IV tape cartridge, isn't it?