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DLT tape drive

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DLT tape drive


please suggest for following--

We having the external DLT tape drive attached to server 1 and wanted to disconnect this tape drive from live server and wanted connect to server 2.

(1)what is the process and command to disconnect tape drive gracefully from live server 1.

(2)After disconnecting what will be the command to connect to server 2 or do we need to configure it ? or
#ioscan -fnC tape
#insf -e is enough ...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: DLT tape drive


It is not recommanded to remove it online when the server is up and running.

remove the drive offline from the first server and connect to the other server when it is down.

Server will create device files when it boot up. run ioscan and insf -e if it is required.
Also enable the stape drive in the kernel on the new server.
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Re: DLT tape drive


1) This drive may be switched while the system is running. You may wish to put a terminator on the scsi port your disconnect it from.

2) This should be sufficient. If the drive has never been attached before you will need to go into kernel configuration (easy way is sam) and add the stape driver tot he kernel.

A kernel compile and boot will be required to enable the stape driver on server2

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Re: DLT tape drive

"it is not recommanded to remove it online when the server is up and running."


it is not recommended to open the scsi bus when the server is up and running - possible data loss.

If your drive is somehow hotswap able (e.g. installed in a tapearray 5300) you can do it.

In this case you should use rmsf to remove the special device files, disconnect the drive, connect it (hot plug to an closed bus) to a different server, run ioscan followed by insf ...).

Hope this helps!

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Re: DLT tape drive


As per the suggestion , tape drive is connected when server was down and rebooted the server.

After reboot i have checked with

# ioscan -fn
# insf -e
# ioscan -fnC tape
but it not giving the o/p as

Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description

# mt status
on tape open: No such device or address

To check driver already loaded in to kernal.

# kmsystem | grep stape
stape Y -


# kmsystem -q stape
Module Configured Loadable
stape Y -

# sam -> Kernel Configuration -> Drivers ->stape it shows..

stape ln ln Drive Static N/A

please advise, ioscan -fnC tape not giving me any tape driver path and not showing any status of Drive, is there any configuration needs to be change at kernel level or any other configuration.

how to resolve this ........

Thanks you Kindly.
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Re: DLT tape drive

Hi Subodh,

Irrespective of the driver enabled in the kernel, ioscan should show the device atleast in UNCLAIMED status.

If #ioscan -fnC tape doesn't list any device with it's hardware path, then you need to check the externel enclosure, scsi cable, terminater if any..
Best wishes,