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Re: DP5.5/Win2003: "Invalid block sequence number"

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DP5.5/Win2003: "Invalid block sequence number"


We are having some troubles with one of our backup-jobs.
Some times (3 times in the last 2 weeks) the incremential file backup runs for a while (~30 minuts last time) and then it logs the message "Invalid block sequence number: 4 expected 0.", and aborts the rest of that job.
Next day it runs nearly perfect.

Currently I have only seen it on the one (biggest) backup-job.

We have installed what we could find of patches to DataProtector in nummerical order.

We are only backing up Windows 2000/2003 servers.

backup2 -> Cell Manager (with some 8x tape library)
backup3 -> Media Agent - MSL6030 (firmware: F59W / 0512)

We have 2 backup-servers due to our network design.

Backup3 is the one with the troublesome backup-job.

I am not an DP5.5-expert so it could be relatively simple.

I cannot figure out what it means.
I would guess that it should eather be the block-sequence to/from the tape-libaray, or the block-sequence to/from the client-system we are backing up?

I hope some of you guys out there, whom are smarter than me will give me a hint :)

Below is the error-part copy-pasted from the message-log-window.

Kind Regards
Tobias Eriksen
[Normal] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:29
Volume Shadow Copy successfully disconnected. Releasing the volume.

[Normal] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:30
COMPLETED Disk Agent for " [/C]".

[Critical] From: "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_backup3" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
Invalid block sequence number: 4 expected 0.

[Normal] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
STARTING Disk Agent for " [/C]".

[Critical] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
[80:1031] Received ABORT request from NET => aborting.

[Warning] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
Connection to BMA on host lost, trying to reconnect.

[Normal] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
VSS option was specified. Attempting to create snapshot.

[Critical] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
IPC failure allocating shared memory => aborting.

[Normal] From: " [/C]" Time: 23-10-2007 20:37:36
Entering snapshot definition phase.
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Re: DP5.5/Win2003: "Invalid block sequence number"

Have contact to paid HP-support.
Seems to be more than one problem - our main-problem seems to be a firewall issue/running with some ports chosen dynamicly.