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DPE6 Trial OBDR target drive not detected


DPE6 Trial OBDR target drive not detected

DAT72 (C7438A-Q1522A) SCSI drive with Adaptec 29160LP on Windows 7 Pro x86 SP1, HP A450Y P4 2.8GHz 1GB


Can back up system, can restore individual files,and can boot system from tape using OBDR.


One Button Disaster Recovery initially fails to find any drives, with the message "Failed to scan:  Out of memory", then shows the DVD and memory stick drives (greyed and selected) but no tape drive or hard disk drive.


Choosing 'Refresh' link at bottom does no good.  Choosing 'Cancel' button, then 'Retry' button on Recovery Failed page, then 'Refresh' again will list the tape drive (greyed and selected) along with the DVD and USB CF/MS readers (can't de-select), but not the target IDE drive (40GB).


Tape drive is clearly showing a transition from CD mode to tape mode (indicator lights change appropriately) during OBDR.


Rebooting into OS and checking tape shows complete system backup: File System, Catalog and System State.


I've combed through the manual and can't find any settings which are obivious to this problem.


Is there something obscure I'm missing?



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Re: DPE6 Trial OBDR target drive not detected



that's probobly because of the support for the OBDR. You can verify the same from Compatability matrix of OBDR


Not all hardware, OS and all ISVs are supported with OBDR



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Re: DPE6 Trial OBDR target drive not detected

Hello Raj,


Thank you for taking time to reply.


I find it difficult to believe, however, that HP does not support OBDR in Data Protector when the Tape Tools and Drivers for the DAT are readily available, and the Data Protector Express Quick Specs, page 5, clearly indicates Windows 7 is supported.


Quick Specs:




Nothing in the Quick Specs indicate a requirement for use on a HP ProLiant, or any HP computer for that matter.


As I explained, OBDR on the tape drive works, up to a point.  It works in the same manner when booting from a CD/DVD as well.


I'd like to know why it's failing at that point, and what can be done to correct it.


The software and hardware are (nearly) useless without the ability to restore bare iron.  If HP can't or won't support their products, why should I buy from them?