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Re: DPX License and system IP and host name


DPX License and system IP and host name

I am installing DPX V4.0 on several Linux systems. I have a liscense for the backup server and licenses for several network clients. I would like to test this software prior to placing these systems in production.

However, the IP addresses and host name of the DPX server and clients will change once they placed into production. Will this invalidate the license keys used on the systems originally licensed using temporary IP addresses and hosts names once they are changed to the perminent settings? What is the process that I will have to follow in this case? Will I have to reinstall the software or just add a new license key?
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Re: DPX License and system IP and host name

No need for reinstall dpe doesnt asign IP to the licenses it just uses whatever it senses 1st, I recomend you anyway to use IP instead of DNS, once everything changes just perform the new changes on the dpconfig.ini

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