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DW027A Needs constant cleaning

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DW027A Needs constant cleaning

I have a DAT72 drive model DW027A.

Some weeks ago it started indicating it needed to be cleaned. This went on for several days, while I changed the tapes.

I began to think the tapes we have been using were old and causing the drive to become dirty.

So I got a new set of tapes and started to use them.

All was well for about a week or so. And now the clean light comes on again, even with the new tapes.


I saw in another post about a differant model, that if this starts to happen then the drive is pretty much in it's death throws.


I have also having space issues on the tapes. Not sure if this is related or not.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you for you time.



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Re: DW027A Needs constant cleaning

Dat tape drives are supposed to be cleaned often, unlike LTO tape drives.
However I would run a Drive Assessment Test in LTT and check if it passes.
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