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Dynamic fan on Ultrium 448 tapestreamer

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Dynamic fan on Ultrium 448 tapestreamer

I have just bought a nice HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448 tape streamer.
Its fan is constantly on, even if the drive is doing nothing at all. That can't be right!

Is there some way to make the fan "dynamic", so that it goes on when ever the drive is working, and goes off a little while after the drive has stopped?
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Re: Dynamic fan on Ultrium 448 tapestreamer

Thought I'd follow this one up and ask the design team...

It turns out that we've also had feedback from users of products where the fan *does* go up and down that it sounds like there's a fault and that causes more concern!

Looks like we can't win...

In future, with the emphasis on saving power, that might be enough to sway us towards a dynamic fan (and by then users will be more familiar with them).

I've passed your comments to the team to help sway the argument. Thanks!

It's more interesting when it's gone wrong