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EML71 with Virtual Flex 10

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EML71 with Virtual Flex 10


I have the following scenario, a EML71 with 2 LTO4 drives, all FC, connected to a 8/40 SAN Switch and connected via Virtual Connect Flex 10 to 6 BL685G7.  The server have the NIC with the FCoe option enable, running Windows 2008 R2, all firmware uptodate, one profile for each blade with two NIC to the LAN and to for FCOE, they are connected to a EVA4400 to, no problem with the storage.  The Command View TL shows everything OK and green, I made the Host assign to the WWN showed by the CV TL, and the WWN are the showed in the Onboard Administrator too.   Virtual Connect using Factory Default MACs and WWNs.

But in the windows devices I can't see the robot, neither the router or the drives.  I don't know what's the matter!  Somebody can help me with that configuration.

The EML71 looks like a old library, is it supported in this configuration with virtual connect and FCoE technology?

Any idea?  

The HP LTT cant see any device.

Regards guys;

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Re: EML71 with Virtual Flex 10

At this point Flex Fabric support is yet supported. Testing is in progress and announcements are expected in the october/november timeframe.


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