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ESL 712E configuration on Solaris 8 via SAN

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ESL 712E configuration on Solaris 8 via SAN


We are trying to configure zoned tape drives from ESL 712E on Solaris 8 via SAN.

We have completed the following steps
1. Zoned the Tape drives for the server's HBA card.
2. Installed the HBA drivers (QLogic) on the Solaris.
3. Installed the HP DP Disk agent, and Media agent softwares

However we are not able to see the Tape drives configured on /dev/rmt directory of the server.
Using the QLogic supplied SAN surfer CLI, we are able to see some devices, but cannot see what type of device they are
Following is the output I am getting
HBA 0 (OS 0): QLA2300/2310 Port 1 WWPN: 21-00-00-E0-8B-1D-72-F6 Port ID: 0B-0D-00
Path : 0

Device ID : 0x0a
Product Vendor : HP
Product ID : NS E2400FC
Product Revision : 5928
Serial Number : 5928
Node Name : 10-00-00-E0-02-02-D0-A9
Port Name : 10-00-00-E0-02-42-D0-A9
Port ID : 01-17-00
Product Type : Device
Number of LUN(s) : 0
OS Target Name :
Status : Online

We have asked our SAN admin to check the zoning and found that the server has similar zoning as another SUN server in which this is working.

We asked the backup admin to see if he could add the server to TL's ACL, he could not find the server's WW when tried to scan the new devices.

Please let me know if we are missing some steps.

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Re: ESL 712E configuration on Solaris 8 via SAN

As far as I know, if you need to zone you need to have the wwn of the fibre card. This will then be added to the zone list and enabled. If you can't find the wwn, then you need to replace it and try a different one and see if it shows up.
If a good card doesn't show up its wwn under a new scan, then your system board can be at fault as it is not emitting the laser beam.

So, there are various variables that you need to check. I hope I answered your query.
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Re: ESL 712E configuration on Solaris 8 via SAN

What you are seeing in SANSurfer is the Interface Controller.
I think you should first use Secure Manager in Command View and present the drives and robot to that host.
There (in secure manager) you can also see if your Host WWN is listed in the known hosts list (it should if you see the IC from that host)
If everything is under control, you are going too slow (Mario Andretti)
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Re: ESL 712E configuration on Solaris 8 via SAN

Hi Marino,

Thanks for the information. We have added the host to the Secure Manager and provided access to the drives. Now the drives are visible on the server. We can now configure the backup