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ESL 712e mix drives LTO3 & LTO4

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ESL 712e mix drives LTO3 & LTO4

i have 4 clusters with LTO 3 drives installed.

I have buy a new 2 LTO4 drives,will installed in last cluster which is having 2 drive space left.


My question here is that can i use ESL 712e without partitioning with LTO3 and LTO4 backups/restore.????

Also tell me that if partitioning is the necessary option then,will i have to recreate each host configuration from start???


Any best possible solution for this???

Trusted Contributor

Re: ESL 712e mix drives LTO3 & LTO4

You sure can mix this but it will eventually cause a lot of problems best practice is to partition your library into LTO3 Library and LTO4 you can find all information here:

Pablo Alv Siles