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ESL-e 712 - multiple paths to FC-tapedrives

Trusted Contributor

ESL-e 712 - multiple paths to FC-tapedrives

Hi again Guru's!

On our library we have LTO4-drives, with two FC-ports, where one of them, for now, is connected to a fabric. What I would like to know:

Is it possible to connect the other FC-port on a tapedrive to another fabric, to make it more failsafe?

And what should we be aware of from clients who access the librarys tapedevices (HP-UX and Windows)?

Maybe some issues from Data Protector 6.0 (on HP-UX).

Thanx for your input.

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Re: ESL-e 712 - multiple paths to FC-tapedrives

You can connect the two ports to different SANs however you have to have software that supports multiple paths to tape drives or zone your SAN so that only the preferred path is available.

DP 6.0 does not support multiple paths to tape drive so if you want multiple paths you would need to connect the second port to a switch that supports zoning then zone out that path. If there is a SAN problem then you could log in remotely and change the zoning to open that path.