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ESL E Series Partition


ESL E Series Partition

We need to configure 3partitions on our ESL E series library. This is a mixed SDLT320 LTO3 library. Actually we have 2 partitions one for SDLT's and the other for LTO3's. We need to create a third prtition and assign mail slots to all three partition. Reading the documentation is not clear that we can assign mail slots to all these three partitions. Does any one knows if it is possible to do this?
Thanks in advance
Carlos Alberto.
Frequent Advisor

Re: ESL E Series Partition

The ESL only has the granularity to assign either left or right mail slots to a partition. In your situation, this means that you will need to use CV-TL (Command View Tape Library), Library and Tape Tools, or the library front panel to perform tape moves from the partition(s) without assigned mail slots to and from the physical mail slots.