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Re: ESL7212e w / LTO4 direct attached

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ESL7212e w / LTO4 direct attached

Is there any way to access the Robotics without using the FC E-2400.

The QuicSpecs state FC Robotics wouldnt that allow access without the FC card.

Re: ESL7212e w / LTO4 direct attached

No it is not possible to control the robotics without interface controller card even though there is robotic controller card separately.

If a library is equipped with SIPP (SCSI over IP Protocol) functionality, it transports SCSI commands through the interface controllerâ s FC port to the libraryâ s robotics controller Ethernet port.

SIPP is compatible with e2400â 260, e2400â FC 2G, and e2400â FC 4G interface controllers.

If there is more than one interface controller in the library, the â masterâ interface controller receives the move commands. The Interface Manager assigns as
â IC SIPP Masterâ the first interface controller that it detects during the first boot of the library after SIPP is enabled. Use Command View TL to find out which IC is the IC SIPP Master.

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