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Failing FW Upgrade

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Failing FW Upgrade

I am trying to upgrade my HP LTO4 from HP branded FW vB22D to vB22Z firmware provided by Quantum.

The firmware is in the .E format instead of the .frm format

Does anyone know how to force the firmware update with the .E format?

I noticed the only difference between the .E and .frm format is a header of 1088 bytes.
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Re: Failing FW Upgrade

Nick I havent seen that format .E also the current firmware version is B32D for Ultrium 1840 SCSI Drive what os are you working with ? Its reccomended to use LTT for firmware upgrades
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Re: Failing FW Upgrade

Pablo the .E format is used in the HP StorageWorks Tape Firmware tool.

I am using this drive in a Quantum Superloader 3 autoloader.

FW vB22Z is designed for use in the Quantum Superloader, but I can not get it to load.

Can anyone confirm if FW vB22Z is a different personality than FW vB22D and vB32D

If so I need to figure out the header specification of the .frm format so I can convert the .E file into a .frm file and use LTT to load it with a Product ID Override.
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Re: Failing FW Upgrade

Hi Nick,
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools (HP L&TT) uses the .frm format not the .E format.

The other issue is that your can't change the personality of an LTO drive. B22D and B22Z are different personalities. Even with the proper override options set in HP L&TT the drive will reject the firmware.

The link you provided is does not point to firmware that can be used with HP L&TT.

Since you are trying to put the HP drive into something other than what is was designed for, I would suggest that you contact Quantum for the correct drive.