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Full and incr backup

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Full and incr backup



perhaps a stupid question but i,m having a problem scheduling a full and incr backup

created 4 template's ( 4 weeks ) . on each monday at 22.00 a full backup is performed with a 14 day protection

all other days i'd  like to perform a incr backup ( full backup is 1.2 TB ). but still all the other days dataprotector is performing a full backup. creating a test job using a different folder with small files incr backaps are beeing performed


Can anyone please give me a hint in the right direction ?


King Regards


Andre Lucas


Re: Full and incr backup

Hi Lucas,


I don't know if you already solved your problem. I bumped into this forum when I was looking for things. I wasn't aware this forum exists. For your problem. You need to use one datalist. The datalist can then be scheduled for a full backup on Monday. In the same scheduler of the same datalist, schedule the incr backup's for the other days.


If you create a datalist for the full backup with name A and a sperate datalist for the incr. backups with name B, it won't work. Datalist B looks for a full backup under the name B and cannot find it. The incr. backup will become a full backup.