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g2 1/8 Compression problems

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g2 1/8 Compression problems

Hi, my g2 auto loader is compressing data at 0.500:1 using lto3 tapes (hardware compression on.) Iv run the same backup job with stand alone drive and lto1 tapes getting 2:1 (using backup exec 10d sp4). I have updated to latest firmware, replaced SCSI card and cable. backup speed is also a problem backing up files on the local server run at 150-300mb\min.
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Re: g2 1/8 Compression problems

Do I understand correctly that you are sending xGB to the tape drive with HW compression turned on, and the data is taking up 2xGB on tape? And that the same data backed up to a standalone drive takes up .5xGB? That is quite odd.

Would you be so kind as to download LIbrary and Tape Tools from and generate a support ticket on the drive?
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