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help with ultrium tape drive 920

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help with ultrium tape drive 920

We have a storage works ultrium 215 on 2U unit. We have on the server a Ultra 160M PCI scsi. WE have net server lc2000 running windows 2000 service pack 4

We have just received a new tape drive which is the Hp storage works Ultrium 920.

I would like to know if I can use the 920 with an ultra 160M scsi card and daisy chain with the Ultrium 215. If I can how to I do the termination of the SCSI chain and also what scsi id should I use for each drive.

Can I also use the same SCSI cable for for the 920 and 215 together or the new cable that came with the 920? And how should I terminate them.

Also is the 920 compatible with 160
and is the 215 compatible with 320
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Re: help with ultrium tape drive 920

You can put both drives on the same bus but you will not be able to achieve full performance if both drives are running at the same time. The 920 drive is compatible with U160 SCSI and can run at full speed on that bus with all but highly compressible data as long as it is the only device on the bus. Other devices on the bus may cause it to run at reduced performance. The 215 is also compatible with U320 but won't run any faster than it will with U160.

If you can only have one card in the server I would recommend a U320 card with the cable that came with the 920 drive connected from the server to the 215 drive and the shortest U320 cable you can get running from the 215 drive to the 920 drive then use the terminator that came with the 920 drive on it. The same arrangement with the U160 card would also work but may have lower performance.

One thing you need to take into consideration is that your server is pretty old and may not be able to run both drives at full speed. If the server can't drive both drives at full speed then you won't see any performance improvements by upgrading to a U320 card.

It would be best if you could put each drive on it's own SCSI card but again your sever may not be able to push data fast enough to matter.

With the large buffers and adaptive speed in these drives it's ok to run them at reduced speed if you just need the capacity.