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how to backup on Saturday

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how to backup on Saturday

I set the backup with Data Protect Express Single Server 3.5 SP2 with an interval of every day, but I do not run on Saturdays and Sundays.
How can I do?
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Re: how to backup on Saturday

I don't have Data Protector Express in front of me now, and all I can see in my mind are Data Protector screens, so I can't tell you exactly how to do this, but I can give you two options.

I believe you can do this by explicitly specifying the days you want to do a full backup. In this case, you'll select every Monday, every Tuesday, etc., but not Saturday or Sunday.

I seem to recall that you can select one of the Data Protector Express tape rotation schemes, one or more of which I'd expect would cover five full backups a week, and also give you tape rotation support, so that you could set aside monthly tapes for archiving.

Take a look at the picture on page 9 of which deals with setting up more complex schedules in Data Protector Express, but should still be of help to you.

Worst case -- create you backup job that performs a full backup every Monday, (possibly with append to media, if you're using the same piece of media for all backups in the week). Copy that backup job four times. Change the second from Monday to Tuesday. Change the third from Monday to Wednesday, etc. As long as they are all full backups, you won't have any trouble. *VERIFY* after the first several days that you're doing append if that's what you want, not overwrite.

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Re: how to backup on Saturday

In Dataprotector Express 4.0 - SP1 at the calendar view you have to select the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday,...Sunday)you want enable for backup.

It is like a button, you only have to click on it an then configure your policy to use that day for backup.

Hope this helps.