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How to configure DP Express for this scenario?

New Member

How to configure DP Express for this scenario?

I represent a small company using an HP D2D solution configured with a virtual LTO3 tape library and using DP Express 6.0 for 10 servers.  8 virtual tape slots.


I am an old school IBM Tivoli guy and the IT guys there are from the Symantec world of backups so we are having issues wrapping ourselves around this product.


We seem to get it working just to have it fail the next day, generally needing to load another tape, even though there are tapes available.


We need something quite simple.

- Friday a full backup

- Mon - Thurs do incrementals.


We want it to grab any available tape from the 8 tapes available in the library.


Once a backup (full or incremental) is complete we want it to copy the data to USB.


It runs, and once a tape is full it quits.  Any thoughts?