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How to find NSR IP addresses

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How to find NSR IP addresses


We have a HP Surestore 20/700 tape library and was configured a long before. How can I find, how many NSRs connected to this library and what are all the IP addresses of each NSR.

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Re: How to find NSR IP addresses

There is no general advise, because there are many different SCSI-FC converters possible in use.
open the door and have a look!

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Re: How to find NSR IP addresses


you might find useful information here about 2/1 or the 2/1 Bridge for the old Surestore 20/700.

It also could be possible that you have this bridges in a special form as an Interface Manager A6356A, check here:

You might check the HP Surestore Interface Manager Installation and Service Guide, how to connect to the serial interface to get to that information. Another resource would be an HP onsite engineer, even the product is not longer supported. They still might know how to get into the box and how to reset the passwords, if needed.
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Re: How to find NSR IP addresses

The 20/700 would never have been configured with the newer style interface controllers or an Interface Manager. It most likely has the old 2/1 router connected.

The best way I know of to find the IP address is to connect a serial cable to the router. A method I've used that isn't as easy but has always worked is to use a system on the same subnet and send a broadcast ping. I prefer to disconnect the device I'm trying to discover and build my own mini network before doing that to limit the results. In the worst case where a device didn't respond to a broadcast ping I had to write a script to walk the subnet but that shouldn't be necessary.

There are also quite a few network discovery applications that will map out the devices it finds on a subnet but I can't offer any recommendations there as I don't have one I use.