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how to identify a storageworks drive

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how to identify a storageworks drive

I'm trying to identify what internal drive we have installed in our storageworks msl4048.

It identifies itself on the web interface simply as Ultrium 3-SCSI.

this doesn't show up when i look for firmware upgrades.


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Re: how to identify a storageworks drive

Which OS are you running on the backup server?


I ask, because one of the easiest ways to perform a firmware upgrade is by downloading

HP's free Library and Tape Tools from

It will find the MSL, and then you can tell it to find the latest firmware, it will find and download

the newest for both library and drive, and install them for you.


If there's some reason you can't do that, then you have either a half-height Ultrium 920 drive,

or (probably) a full-height Ultrium 960 drive.   You'll need to get the right firmware for the

drive, depending on whether it is SCSI, SAS, or Fibre Channel.   Once you have the right

firmware file, you can upload it through the MSL GUI (use a web browser to open the I"

address you've assigned  the system).    Bit it really is easier with L&TT.


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