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How to know maximum power needed

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How to know maximum power needed

Hi every:
I will buy a new EML 103e Base Library with 2 HP EML LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 FC Drive and 12 HP LTO4 Ultrium 1.6TB RW Data Cartridge. I need also buy some backup solutions, thinking in APC, but first need to know how I can calculate the power needed for this configuration plus maybe 25% more planning some upgrades at future. I found in tech specs that for this EML series the typical power for 4 drive is 250W but I need to add 20W per 1840 drive? I'm not so sure if this is the correct value for estimate the backups. Can any help me?
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Re: How to know maximum power needed

Same answer as your other thread.

It contains also links to MSL, EML and ESL libraries.

The BTU/hr and Watts are just two power units, you directly convert from one to the other.

Y recommend using, just type 1638 BTU/h for example and it will tell you that it's equivalent to 480.1 W or 0.6438 hp.

People in different industries uses mainly one of those units.