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How to reconfigure MSL6000 IP?

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How to reconfigure MSL6000 IP?


I could not find the serial cable for the tape library. Therefore, I cannot reconfigure the IP through the serial interface. Through the front panel, I could change the IP; then rebooted the library for the new setting to take effect. Then, I used a cross-over cable to connect a laptop to the LAN interface on the NSR card in order to be able to modify the map through the browser. However, I failed to communitcate with the library. I am sure that I assigned IPs/subnet masks for the laptop and the library LAN interface correctly. Did I miss anything? TIA.
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Re: How to reconfigure MSL6000 IP?


An MSL with an NSR has two ethernet interfaces. The interface you changed from the front panel, will be that of the library, not the NSR...

On recent NSRs, the default configuration is to pick up an IP address via DHCP. Older ones default to If you can't get on via either of these then you'll have to find out the serial cable, but again be sure you use the right cable. The NSR and library use different pinouts...

Hope this helps,