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HP 160/320 sdlt

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HP 160/320 sdlt

We acquired an hp 160/320 sdlt tape drive from another agency.

The only information I can find is for a 320 sdlt. Is this the same drive?

Also, we're having a problem with compression. We're running Veritas software. Could this be the problem?


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Re: HP 160/320 sdlt

The 160 is native capacity (160GB). The 320 is the theoretical capacity with 2:1 compressible data. How compressible your data is... is a matter of what you're backing up. jpeg, mpeg, compressed, or encrypted data will have almost zero compression. Text files and databases with lots of text and/or 'open space' will compress significantly.

You can run either 110/220GB or 160/320GB (native/compressed) tapes in your drive.

Make sure that compression is set to "hardware" and that you are NOT using "software" compression (can't compress data twice!).

When you say you're "having a problem" with compression... could you let me know a bit more about the problem(s)?
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