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Hp Autoloader 1/8 232


Hp Autoloader 1/8 232

Hi Guys
I have a problem, I always get this error messiges when i use HP ll&t tools instalation check

Drive Connectivity test failed.
Please verify that the physical connection between your host and the drive is operational.
Please check the configuration of your SCSI Bus, proper termination, proper installation of all required drivers.


No HBA Information, So no information is available for this HBA.
The reason for the Connectivity Test failure may be due to HBA incompatibility.
Please check for HBA compatibility.
No HBA Information, So unable to determine the IRQ channel configured for this HBA.
HP recommends using a dedicated IRQ channel.
No HBA Information, So unable to determine the number of devices connnected to this HBA.
There should not be more than 2 devices connected to the HBA.
HP recommends using a dedicated bus.
No WMI Information, So unable to determine the driver installed for this tape Drive.
Please check for tape driver compatibility.
And verify that this tape drive has been installed properly, follow the steps shown below:
Goto /MyComputer/SystemProperties/Hardware/DeviceManager/Tape drives/' list.
- Under this list, there should be an entry which corresponds to this drive, select it
- Then goto 'Properties/Driver/', and then verify that the recommended driver is installed.
HP recommends the use of the correct HP tape driver.
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Re: Hp Autoloader 1/8 232

You did not tell anything about your server, the HBA, connection, OS ...

So just follow the advised checks ...

Hope this helps!

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