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HP D2D4312 Replication seeding - can one sites data be used to SEED other site's replication share

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HP D2D4312 Replication seeding - can one sites data be used to SEED other site's replication share

We have HP D2D4312 as hub in our data-center. We plan to use this as "HUB" for replication from our various office sites D2D2504i devices (spokes).


During our sites setup, most of these sites' data/backup-data is mostly similar (ofcourse not identical). We have setup a site with Seeding setup for replication by copynig 300 GB of backup data to-from a 1TB USB-drive from site to our DataCenter's D2D replication share. It worked out ok.


Given that many of our sites underlying data (Win28K server backups) is similar, could we use site1's seed data onto site2's seed data ?


We are trying to seed Replication seed from BDH-site D2D2504i to our main GDH datacenter D2D (D2D4312 – 24 TB). We have seed data on a USB-Drive from another site “MDH” D2D, which is somewhat similar data to BCH data.


My question is: Can we use Gemini data and put to a temp directory, say:


@ our GDH Data Center:

D2D4312:/Replication_BDH/temp    <- copy “MDH site" data from USB drive here


We do not want to copy data to identical directory-structure, as Networker can get confused, and could get incorrect data. That is why we want to put seed data to a “temp” sub-directory, and after Replication is fully replicated, we may delete this “temp” sub–directory:


1) Do you think this will work (yes or no)

2) Do you think this seeding help? (time/data savings occur?)

3) Do you think only data from same-site with indentical directory-structure/data should be used for seeding ? (obviously, we can't do this., as this will consfuse Networker when time comes for restore)



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Re: HP D2D4312 Replication seeding - can one sites data be used to SEED other site's replication sha

Experience says, NO - you can NOT use some other site's data as seed for some other site's seeding help.


During D2D replicaiton - during the initial phase = the exact replica of file-names, and directory structure is copied over from Source to Destination. Also, during-and-at the end of this initial-sync phase - any/all files/dirs present only on Source Share are kept on the Destination (and any other/orphan files from Destination share are promoptly removed).


Given this background - most of the DeDupe/Replication-savings benefits disappear soon after the orphan files are removed.


So, make an EXACT copy of client share's data (say copied to a USB drive etc) -- bring it over to the Destination D2D (in our case, Datacenter D2D), copy it over to the corresponding Replication-share (that specific site's designated Replication Share) on Datacenter D2D, thus setup your seeding.


Now start your Replication setup betweeen Site's D2D share, and DataCenter's Replication-share (where this seed data has been copied over)