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hp Dat40 internal usb tape drive

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hp Dat40 internal usb tape drive

Dear sir/madam

we are having ML-150 g3 server with internal Dat40 usb tape drive.

We bought symantec netbackup 6.5 for back solution.

an engineer came and installed symantec netbackup. he tried to configure tape drive, he unable to configure it.

it is said that HP storage DAT40 internal usb tape drive is not copatible to veritas netbakup 6.5.4.
he suggested to take some patches for dat40 from hp.

what do you suggest me to fix this issue
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Re: hp Dat40 internal usb tape drive

The problem seems to be that NetBackup does not support USB-attach tape drives. NetBackup is an enterprise-class product, and USB-attach tape drives are normally a small-medium business backup solution.

You seem to have two options:
1) return your tape drive for a product which is on NetBackup's Hardware Compatibility List (for NB 6.5, find it at )
2) Return NetBackup for a product that does support the USB-attached DAT40. Symantec's BackupExec will probably do the trick.

BackupExec would probably prove to be a far easier and less expensive option for you than NetBackup.

If you're backing up a single server (and possibly non-server clients), you might also consider Data Protector Single Server Edition.
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