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HP Data Protector and MSL2024 backup data flow

New Member

HP Data Protector and MSL2024 backup data flow

Hi all,

I'm new at this field and I'm sorry if my question might sound stupid!

My system's shown in the diagram below, include:

  • Backup server: running HP Data Protector v6.0
  • MSL2024 Tape library
  • ESXi server
  • File server

All of these things have two connection, 1Gbps network connection to Cisco 3560G and 1 FC 8Gbps to SAN switch

Storage system, include:

  • Synology NAS with 4Gbps connection (bundled of 4 NICs) to Cisco switch
  • EMC SAN with 1 FC card 8Gbps connection to SAN switch


Backup system.jpg

My question is what is the detailed backup data flow between:

  • Backup SRV and File SRV (with mounted iSCSI LUN from Synology NAS)
  • Backup SRV and ESXi's VMs (with mounted LUN from EMC SAN)

Thanks and Best regards,


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Re: HP Data Protector and MSL2024 backup data flow

It depends on the configuration ...

I'm not an expert, but in general there are 2 options:

1) backup server is collecting the data and write to the tape

2) backup server is controlling the backups, but agents on the file/esxi servers write to the tape


In each szenario the fileserver need to read the data from the disk storage.

Hope this helps!

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